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jeff wang cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrencies for Beginners - Jeff Wang [Millennial Money]
Jean-Francois (Jeff) WANG's Post. View profile for Jean-Francois cryptocurrencies globally is that it represents the �future of money. Host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jeff Wang discuss the future of crypto and how to differentiate between valuable crypto and just hype. Discover how Robert Kiyosaki and his guests discuss explosive wealth trends, including real estate, cryptocurrency, and financial education. Are you ready to.
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To the moon! I want to finish by saying a disclaimer, I do own a good amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum another type of blockchain and cryptocurrency and several other cryptocurrencies, as I do believe that the potential is very possible. Much like with the advancements of AI, self-driving autonomous cars, drones, robots, blockchain and cryptocurrency has now been added to that list. Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in market cap by However, right now, using strictly Bitcoin as a means of payment will not get your very far in life.